Thursday, May 29, 2014

Diagnosis of Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) ... (2/2)

People with XP are extremely prone to skin cancer. Without sun protection, about ½ of children with XP develop their first skin cancer by the age of 10. Most people with XP develop multiple skin cancers during their lifetime. These cancers occur most often on the face, lips and eyelids. Cancer can also develop on the scalp, in the eyes and on the tip of the tongue. Apart from skin cancer they may also develop other types of cancer including brain tumors.

The eyes of the people with XP may be painfully sensitive to UV rays of Sun. If the eyes are not protected from the sun, they may become bloodshot and irritated and the clear front covering the eyes (the cornea) may become cloudy. In some people the eyelashes fall out and the eyelids may be thin and turn abnormally inward/outward. In addition to increased risk of eye cancer, XP is associated with numerous noncancerous growths on eyes which can impair vision.

About 30% of people with XP develop progressive neurological abnormalities, in addition to the problems in skin & eyes, including hearing loss, poor coordination, difficulty in walking, movement problem, loss of intellectual functions, difficulty in swallowing and talking and seizures.

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