Saturday, April 6, 2013

Julia Pastrana : “The Ape Woman” ... (4)

In late 1859, while in Moscow, it was discovered that Julia realized that she was pregnant.  This was a disaster. Not only would she have to take time off, and lose money, from the tours but Mr. Lent was panicked due to the thought of Julia’s death. And then where would that leave him? He Took her to many different Doctors who were afraid that she would not be able to have the child naturally because they believed her hips would be malformed, however Julia was more concerned that the baby should take after its father.
On March 20th 1860, Julia’s fears were confirmed when she gave birth to a hair covered baby boy. All Julia could think of was, please be healthy and not have a personality like your father. Sadly the child died after 35 hours.

Julia's time was coming to an end. Complications during the birth left her weak and drained. Only 5 days later, Julia was dead at the age of 26 only.

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