Thursday, April 4, 2013

Julia Pastrana : “The Ape Woman” ... (2)

In New York, Julia attracted the attention of many scientific minds and media moguls. One newspaper described her as ‘terrifically hideous’ and possessing a ‘harmonious voice’ ~ which gives evidence that she sang during her exhibition. One of the members of Medical society Dr. Alexander Mott who examine her and declared her ‘the most extraordinary beings of the present day’ and ‘a hybrid between human and orang-utan’.

After moving to Cleveland with another new promoter Mr. J. W. Beach, Julia began to turn the tide around and charming the public with her grace, she began to get very well known, even being invited to grand balls and military gala's. On one of these occasions, she was given the honor of dancing with the soldiers, who lined up to have the chance to dance with this unique but strange human being. The Misnomered Bear Woman Julia again impressed with her grace and singing voice so much that she was put on exhibition by both the ‘Horticultural Society’ and the ‘Boston History Society’. While Julia was in Cleveland Dr. S. Brainerd declared her a ‘distinct species’. That analysis was quickly added to all subsequent promotional materials.

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