Sunday, April 14, 2013

Acquired Hypertrichosis - Types

Acquired hypertrichosis, unlike congenital syndrome, appears after birth. This particular syndrome might appear due to several reasons side effects of certain drugs, person’s association with cancer and possible links with any form of eating disorder.  This type of syndrome is characterized by hypertrichosis lanuginose, generalized hypertrichosis, patterned hypertrichosis and localized hypertrichosis.

Acquired Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa : People with acquired hypertrichosis experiences rapid growth of lanugo hair on different parts of the body most especially on the face.

Acquired Generalized Hypertrichosis : Abnormal and unusual growth of unwanted hair occur on different body parts like the upper lips, legs, forearms, chin and cheeks.

Patterned Hypertrichosis : Rapid growth of unwanted hair follows a specific pattern.

Localized Hypertrichosis : As the name suggests, it is the localized or confined increase in the density and length of hair.

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