Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Julia Pastrana : After Death ... (5)

Theodore Lent was distraught. Julia had been the bank. Now the bank was closed! How he to live now as his source of income was had died?

He had a Eureka moment!

Why should the bank close?

He sent Julia’s corpse and his newborn son to Professor Sukolov of Moscow University for embalming. The process took 6 months but the results were amazing. Julia’s mummified remains looked lifelike. Prof. Sukolov put Julia and his son in the Anatomical Museum of the university where the attracted great crowds of people.

Was this the end of Julia Pastrana? No !!! Not at all !!!

Lent realised what had happened and much to the public horror, he took the awful and unbelievable steps to go to court to reclaim the bodies. He presented his marriage certificate to the American consul and Sukolov was forced to release the remains.

Lent tried to put the mummies on display in Russia but the authorities refused as they were outside the confines of a scientific institute. In 1862, Lent return to England to show Julia Pastrana again. The price was only a shilling and with the added attraction is the mummified infant the exhibit was packed with onlookers. Inside it was said that the ‘Embalmed Nondescript’ stood dressed in one of her many dancing costumes while her son stood to her left ~ atop of a small pedestal, dressed in a sailor suit.

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