Sunday, March 31, 2013

The 1st WOLFMAN !! — Petrus Gonzales (3)

In 1573, at the age of 17, Petrus married a young French lady and by 1581 with whom he raised several children, including — three daughters (Maddalena, Francesca and the youngest Antonietta) and two sons (Enrico and …). All of his children shared his unique appearance and the entire family became the most sought after curiosity of the era.

In 1581 the family began a tour of Europe.

In 1582 their portraits were painted in Munich by the order of Duke Albrecht IV of Bavaria.

In 1583 the Gonzales family went to Basel where they were studied by the famed anatomist Felix Plater and he published a detailed account of the visit in his Observationum and further less detailed accounts followed the travels of the family until the early 1590’s.

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