Saturday, March 30, 2013

The 1st WOLFMAN !! — Petrus Gonzales (2)

Petrus Gonzales was the 1st described case of ‘Hypertrichosis’ aka Wolfman Syndrome in 1557.

In 1557, the first formal report published, written by Julius Caesar Scaliger, where Scaliger referred Petrus as ‘Barbet’ a breed of shaggy dog.

A second report in the same year (1557) confirms the arrival of Petrus in Paris. The report also states that King Henri II ordered that the furry boy was to receive a formal education ~ not to be kind but rather out of curiosity ~ the King believed that Petrus was a savage and incapable of learning.

His progress was monitored closely and he proved the King quite incorrect by not only learning the basics of education but also becoming fluent in the noble gestures, etiquette and tact. He became quite fluent in the language of the affluent, Latin, and took to wearing splendid robes that actually further accentuated his furry covered face. It was in this way that Petrus became a sought after court guest, a prodigy royal dignitaries and ambassadors flocked to see. He became a great asset to the court of King Henri and was rewarded for his service.

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