Monday, July 16, 2012


How would life if there is no pain? Don’t we thing a life without pain sounds great.


What happens if we do not feel pain?


NO PAIN NO GAIN. Yes that’s true for our daily life also.

PAIN warns us that something is not right. Pain is body’s way of warning from impending injury and important defence mechanism in day to day life.
PAIN teaches children not to put their hands on hot plate because they know that heat hurts. It urges us to consult doctor when pain persists in any part of our body.

On the contrary what about pain that accompanies something which has already been diagnosed? What about the persistent pain that frequently escorts chronic conditions such as a sore back or cancer? Who can see the good/positivity in that kind of pain?

Though there may be instances when it seems superfluous and even cruel, the sensation of pain is more necessary that is not.

It is a clear indication that there is something wrong and that it needs to be seen to. In the absence of pain, no alert signals are given off—which could ultimately put our life in danger.

The sensation of pain is a complex sensation with many a meaning and many a pathway. One particular pathway was discovered when members of a family were incapable of feeling pain—a singular and rare condition due to the loss of functions of a protein known as ‘SCN9A’ or Nav1.7

The loss of function of SCN9A/Nav1.7 protein leads to a rare autosomal disease/disorder —‘Congenital Insensitivity to Pain’ — belongs to the family of Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathies (HSAN).

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