Monday, November 10, 2014

Meet Zara ..... (2/3)

Zara and her sister Jolene and mum Tracy suffers from a rare disorder ¾ Cutis Laxa, though it was misdiagnosed as ‘Lipodystrophy’ earlier, which causes their skin appears saggy but not stretchy pointing to the premature aging.

lipodystropy family
 Tracey Gibson: 42, and two daughter Jolene Hardy: 24 and Zara Hartshorn: 16

Cutis Laxa is a rare genetic condition in which deterioration in the fatty and connective tissues as well as bones under the skin appears as the extreme premature aging. Some of them reported that their teeth fall out and have had to rely on collagen injection to combat wrinkles.

In contrast to 'Cutis Laxa', ‘Lipodystrophy’ is an extremely rare disorder in which fat deposited in the body parts, where it should not be allowed to deposit. With other health complication 'Lipodystrophy' makes a person look and appear older than his/her original age.

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