Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6 Types of EDS.....

There are 6 types of EDS all the types share some common features such as loose joints, abnormal skin and fragile body tissues, but are unique in their own way.

The different types of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is as follows:

Classical :- The skin is stretchy, soft, fragile and elastic with  loose and flexible joints.

Hypermobility :- The joints are noticeably loose, flexible and sometimes painful, particularly after exercise. Unlike other types of EDS, the skin is virtually normal except for easy bruising.

Vascular :- Vascular type is the most severe form as in this types of cases organs and blood vessels can easily burst.

Kyphoscoliotic :- The spine is severely curved in childhood. 

Arthrochalasia :- This type of EDS causes short stature, fragile skin and joints that easily dislocate.

Dermatospraxis :- The skin is doughy and wrinkly and tends to sag and fold. This type of EDS is exceptionally rare, probably affecting fewer than 5 patients in the UK. 

Another type of EDS has been found 

Periodontal :- This form is similar to classical types of EDS but also causes very fragile gums.


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