Monday, September 9, 2013

A Life without Dream !!!!!

Imagine what a nightmare it would be to never have a nightmare!!!

Imagine a life without a dream!!!

Imagine to be banished forever from the topsy-turvy realm of sleep!!!

One day you just wake up and never falls asleep again — tortured in a twilight world of perpetual insomnia — lying in the bed; exhausted but with eyes wide open — listing to the groans and whispers of the night — sleepless, until death mercifully claim you.

Sound like a Gothic Chiller???

Sleep is a mystery yet to be solved. Science still does not know why and how we do it. Now pioneering research takes us insight the sleeping brain and re examines a mind – forbidden to rest/which prohibit rest— Insomnia with a fatal twist — lack of sleep will kill you but science to figure out why???

We might not ever heard of this very rare, real genetic disorder — Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI) — without the medical detective work of an Italian family, which in turn was stalked for centuries with a terrifying fate.

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